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Chef Dominic Palazzolo graduated the "Most Outstanding Student" of his class at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York and received a scholarship for continued studies in the baking and pastry arts. Once out of school, Chef Palazzolo gained valuable experience working in hotels, private clubs and commercial baking operations but longed for an opportunity to explore his passion for culinary artwork. When the time was right, Chef Palazzolo created Culinart, Inc. which specialized in providing professional chefs with elaborate bread and tallow sculptures that were prominently displayed on some of the most famous buffet tables in the world.

In order to make the intricate tallow sculptures, Chef Palazzolo took classes and studied the time honored craft of mold making. He was particularly interested in the great advantages of silicone rubber and became an expert in making complex molds that he would use to reliably reproduce the many sculptural objects requested by a growing customer base all over the world.

Having benefited from the efficiencies that mold making provided to his own operation, Chef Palazzolo realized that chefs and professional culinarians might also find the same time saving convenience from mold making. This was the beginning of an intensive investigation Chef Palazzolo undertook in order to bring the craft of mold making into the kitchens. Palazzolo knew that any suitable material must be easy to use, very durable and food grade. After years of trial and error, new and unseen mold making materials were created with a consistency that resembled foods that are commonly found in any kitchen. Silicone Plastique was the first mold making silicone Chef Palazzolo introduced which became very popular since it had a consistency of cookie dough and could be combined, mixed and applied by hand. After the successful launch of Silicone Plastique®, Palazzolo introduced another silicone mold rubber named CopyFlex®, which is an easy to use liquid silicone that is combined in equal parts, pours beautifully and cures in only five hours.

While acceptance of these innovative mold making silicones was enthusiastic, Chef Palazzolo found that the qualities that were most appreciated by chefs were also greatly valued by mold makers who did not work with food. Today, Make Your Own Molds supplies crafts people who work with potters clay, polymer clay, sculpting clay and precious metal clay. Soap makers, furniture restorers, candlemakers, model railroaders, military miniature experts, design-art-architecture students and faculty, laboratories and medical researchers all use his mold making products because they are safe, easy to use and durable.

This website is the culmination of the creative journey taken by Chef Palazzolo, who would probably be an inventor if he had not chosen a culinary career. Make Your Own Molds specializes in providing the products described above along with many other materials Chef Palazzolo has invented in order to make mold making a fun and rewarding skill that anyone can learn in order to accomplish almost any creative endeavor.