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Learn how to make a functional, edible sugar glass that will hold your favorite beverage, crunch sweetly when eaten and break safely over one’s head or when thrown in a fireplace. This instructional video will teach you Chef Dominic Palazzolo’s easy method for making molds of martini, champagne, wine and beer glasses. But the instruction doesn’t stop there; you will also learn how to use cooked sugar or Isomalt to create a perfectly clear, well -structured sugar glass that is amazingly realistic. These distinctive confections have become very popular when used in cake decorating, especially with sugar bottles shown in the video, “How to Make a Sugar Bottle Mold.” Sugar Glass, in the shape of popular glassware designs, can also be used as props in the production of movies and plays where the glass needs to be broken safely. Commonly referred to as “breakaway glass”, the stage craft manager and/or prop designer can benefit greatly from the knowledge they will gain from this video.

Sugar Glass Video: Shorter Version

Sugar Glass Video: Longer Version