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Many people seem to think that learning the techniques associated with mold making can be difficult and complex. This mold making video illustrates in a compelling way just how easy it is to make your own molds using Silicone Plastique®. Emphasis is given to the many conveniences associated with this amazing mold putty, like mixing and applying Silicone Plastique® by hand, easy portioning by weight or volume of parts A and B. and a cure time of 60-75 minutes at room temperature. Silicone Molds made from Silicone Plastique® are food grade and can be used for chocolate, hard candy, fondant, gumpaste, butter and all sorts of other edible options. In addition, silicone molds made using the techniques taught in this basic mold making video are perfectly suited for non-food mediums like plaster, polymer clay, casting resins, epoxy, artists clay, melt and pour soaps, natural soaps, precious metal clay and almost any other material that is considered moldable.